National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO)


Step 3: Enforcement - Enforced amended NADO’s rules and policies in accordance with the Code.

NADO reported its status vis-à-vis compliance with the Code over WADA’S online anti-doping survey (Code Compliance Assessment Survey) ,a questionnaire consists of multiple choice questions which refer to requirements and stipulations within the rules adopted by the NADO or to the actions taken or not taken by the NADO.

This online tool assisted WADA in evaluating the status of each signatory with regards to Code compliance and enabled WADA to provide guidance to achieve complete compliance.

WADA offered other compliance resources in the form of Model Rules.


Important   issues the NADO took into consideration:


Code compliance mandatory:

In order to ensure efficiency of the harmonized fight against doping in sport and fairness for the athletes, compliance with the Code is mandatory for signatories of the Code, as stated in Article 23.2.1 of the Code: “The signatories shall implement applicable Code provisions through policies, statutes, rules or regulations according to their authority and within their relevant spheres of responsibility.”