National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO)


The AFG- NOC has accepted the World Anti-Doping Code (the “Code”). These Anti-Doping Rules are adopted and implemented as a result of the AFG- NOC’s commitment to the purposes of the World Anti-Doping Programme. They are in conformance with the AFG- NOC’s responsibilities under the Code, and are in furtherance of the AFG- NOC’s  continuing efforts to eradicate doping in Afghanistan

Fundamental Rationale for the Code and the  AFG-NOC’s  Anti-Doping Rules:

Anti-doping programs seek to preserve what is intrinsically valuable about sport.  This intrinsic value is often referred to as “the spirit of sport”; it is the essence of Olympism; it is how we play true.  The spirit of sport is the celebration of the human spirit, body and mind, and is characterized by the following values:

•         Ethics, fair play and honesty

•         Health

•         Excellence in performance

•         Character and education

•         Fun and joy

•         Teamwork

•         Dedication and commitment

•         Respect for rules and laws

•         Respect for self and other Participants

•         Courage

•         Community and solidarity

Doping is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport.