National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO)


1.1.      The AFG- NOC is a Signatory to the Code and, as such, is responsible for assisting the [NADO], the National Anti-Doping Organization of Afghanistan   in initiating, implementing and enforcing the Doping Control process.

1.2.      Under the Code, the AFG-NOC, as the National Olympic Committee for Afghanistan, has the following roles and responsibilities:

(1)       To ensure its anti-doping policies and rules conform to the Code,

(2)      To require as a condition of membership or recognition that the anti-doping policies and rules of National Federations comply with the applicable provisions of the Code,

(3)      To require all Athletes who are not regular members of a National Federation to be available for Sample collection and to provide accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information as part of the National Registered Testing Pool during the year before the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games as a condition of participation in the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

(4)      To cooperate with the [NADO], the National Anti-Doping Organization of Afghanistan.

(5)      To require each National Federation to establish rules requiring each Athlete Support Personnel who participates as coach, trainer, manager, team staff, official, medical or paramedical personnel in a Competition or activity authorized or organized by a National Federation or one of its member organizations to agree to be bound by anti-doping rules in conformity with the Code as a condition of such participation.