National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO)

(3)      take responsibility, in the context of anti-doping, for   what they ingest and use; and

(4)      inform medical personnel of their obligation not to Use Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods and to take responsibility to make sure that any medical treatment received does not violate the anti-doping policies and rules applicable to them.

3.2      All Athletes who are not regular members of a National Federation must be available for Sample collection conducted according to the Code and provide accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information on a regular basis during the year before the Olympic Games as a condition of participation in the Olympic Games as a member of the Afghanistan Olympic Team.

3.3      All Athlete Support Personnel must:

(1)       be knowledgeable of and comply with all anti-doping policies and rules, namely the Code, these Rules and the policies and rules of Anti-Doping Organizations and their National Federation, applicable to them or Athletes whom they support;

(2)      co-operate with the Athlete Testing programme; and

(3)      use their influence on Athlete values and behaviour to foster anti-doping attitudes.