National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO)

3.4      Each National Federation must:

(1)       comply with these Rules;

(2)      cooperate with and help the [NADO] fulfil its obligations under the Code;

(3)      adopt and implement an anti-doping policy that conforms with the Code;

(4)      cooperate with and assist its International Federation in day-to-day anti-doping operations;

(5)      require Persons who:

(a)      participate in sport under its authority; or

(b)      are registered as an Athlete or  Athlete Support Personnel with it or with a club recognized by it;

to recognize and be bound by its anti-doping policy, the Code and these Rules

(6)      require every Person who:

(a)      participates as an Athlete  in a sport under its authority; or

(b)      is registered as an Athlete  with it or with a club recognized by it;

to be available for Sample collection and provide accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information; 

(7)      require as a condition of membership that the policies, rules and programmes of its members or clubs  are in compliance with the Code; and