National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO)

(8)      take appropriate action to discourage non-compliance with the Code and its Anti-Doping Policy.

(9)      recognize and respect a finding of an anti-doping rule violation by its International Federation, another National Federation or any other Signatory  without the need for a hearing, provided the finding is consistent with the Code and within the authority of the body concerned;

(10)    require Athletes who are not regular members to be available for Sample collection and provide accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information on a regular basis, if required, during the year before the Olympic Games as a condition of participation in the Olympic Games as a member of the AfghanistanOlympic Team;

(11)     promptly notify the AFG- NOCof the finding of any anti-doping rule violation by,  and the imposition of any sanction for an anti-doping rule violation  on:

(a)      any Person under the National Federation’s anti-doping policy and rules; or

(b)      any Athlete, Athlete Support Personnel or other Person under its authority or control under the anti-doping policy and rules of its International Federation; and 

(12)     provide assistance and information to the AFG- NOCas            requested by the Secretary General to enable the AFG- NOCto properly implement these Rules.