Afghanistan National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO) Testing



WADA’s general philosophy is to encourage all anti-doping organizations (ADOs) to conduct effective anti-doping testing, both in and out of competition. In light of this principle, collaboration and coordination between international federations and national anti-doping organizations should be encouraged to optimize any testing program while ensuring that each ADOs responsibilities be properly managed to avoid creating operational disturbance and harassment for the athletes.

Article 15.1 was written in that spirit of cooperation, and with the aim of ensuring as effective anti-doping program as possible. In the event that the application of Article 15.1.1 is required, the following process should be followed:

1. Any ADO that is not responsible for initiating and directing testing at an event (the requesting ADO) in accordance with Article 15.1.1 of the World Anti-Doping Code, but which nevertheless desires to conduct additional testing at such events shall, prior to contacting WADA, request such permission from the ruling body of the event in written form with full supporting reasons.

Such request shall be addressed to the ruling body at least 35 days prior to the beginning of the event (i.e. 35 days prior to the beginning of the in competition period as defined by the rules of the International Federation in charge of that sport).

2. If the ruling body refuses, or does not respond within 7 days from receipt of the request from the requesting ADO, such requesting ADO can address to WADA (with a copy to the ruling body) a written request with full supporting reasons, a clear description of the situation and all the relevant correspondence between the ruling body and the requesting ADO. Such request must be received by to WADA no later than 21 days prior to the beginning of the event.

3. Upon receipt of such request, WADA will immediately ask the ruling body for its position on the request, and the ground for its refusal. The ruling body shall provide WADA an answer within 7 days following receipt of WADA’s request.

4. Upon receipt by WADA of the ruling body’s position or if no answer is provided within the 7 days, WADA will render a motivated decision within the next 7 days. To render its decision, WADA will consider, amongst others, the following:

- The number of tests planned for the event;

- The analysis menu applied to those tests;

- Overall anti-doping program applied in the sport;

- The logistical issues that would be created by allowing the requesting ADO to test;

- Any (other) grounds submitted by the requesting body requesting additional testing, and the ruling body refusing such additional testing;

- The test distribution plan for the event;

- Any other relevant available information.

If WADA decides that permission for additional testing should be granted, either as requested by the requesting ADO or as proposed by WADA, WADA may give the ruling body the possibility of conducting itself such additional testing unless WADA judges that this is not realistic and appropriate in the circumstances.