AOA Strategies

The sports and the sports education markets have undergone significant changes in recent years. Increased professionalization in sports  has occurred. Given increasing regulations, the overall sports environment has become more complex and demanding. High performance  in one role (such as that of an athlete) does not guarantee high performance in another role  (e.g. coaching).

Moreover, traditional sports disciplines have broadened their regional franchises and new trend sports have emerged. The sports education market is expanding to meet these demands. Greater professionalization in sports requires taking sports education to several next levels.

Thus, the sports education market is continually growing and changing with more and more sports academies emerging. Well-established sports universities and other educational sports institutions in the world mirror this development, monitoring and optimizing their curriculum continuously.

Alongside an ever expanding number of sports disciplines and corresponding fields of science, such as training theories, body mechanics, nutrition, medicine, biochemistry, psychology, didactics and sociology, new subject areas are emerging in the curricula of these universities and institutions, including sports gender science, sports & environment and sports event management.

The basis for all sports business education at leading universities is a broad education in sports theory and practice; including knowledge of general sports history and sports sciences. Building on this basic sports science education, students then specialize in different areas such as coaching, teaching, managing, marketing, scientific research and so on. Some even delve further within these subfields.

To reach a high degree of professionalism in these areas it is necessary to combine expertise and teaching programs from different faculties. In addition, rather than positioning these subjects aside one another in a purely sequential approach, the faculties need to form an integrative alliance. Overall, the greater professionalization requires interdisciplinary.