The National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (hereinafter “the AFG-NOC”), belonging to the Olympic Movement is an independent non-profit and non-governmental organization of unlimited duration which is operationally independent and functions in compliance with the Olympic Charter far from any racial, religious and political inclinations. The AFG-NOC exercises its jurisdiction over the whole territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The AFG-NOC was recognized by the IOC in 1936 and in 1949 the committee became a founding member of Asian competitions. The Committee belongs to the Olympic Movement and undertakes to respect the provisions of the Olympic Charter and the World Anti-Doping Code and to abide by the decisions of the IOC.

Based on IOC guidelines, the AFG-NOC undertakes, in accordance with its mission and role at national level, to participate in actions to promote peace and to promote women in sport. It also undertakes to support and encourage the promotion to sports ethics, to fight against doping and to demonstrate a responsible concern for environmental issues.

International Olympic Committee (IOC):

The IOC is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organization, of unlimited duration, in the form of an association with the status of a legal person, recognized by the Swiss Federal Council in accordance with an agreement entered into on 1 November 2000.