National Team’s Monitoring Center

The Duties and Powers of the AFG-NOC National Team’s Monitoring Center

The main duties of the National Teams’ Monitoring Center are as follows:

a) To direct, monitor and evaluate the plans and performance of national federations with regard to their preparation and participation in international events which fall under the authority of the AFG-NOC. The Center shall have to present regular monthly reports of its activities to the Executive Board;

b) To cooperate and interact closely and cordially with the national federations’ officials, particularly with the national teams’ committees of the federations toward a smooth implementation of the approved programs and also present modifying comments to improve the trend of the preparation of athletes and national teams;

c) To study and present technical and management analysis report and make decision-planning with regard to participation of Afghan teams in multi sports events taken up in the Executive Board's working agenda;

d) To take appropriate measures toward a successful participation of Afghan sports delegations in various Games in cooperation and coordination with the respective chefs de mission;

e) To prepare standard monitoring and evaluation forms for assessing national federations' performance. The performance evaluation reports of the federations shall be prepared and submitted to the Executive Board;

f) To carry out other related duties entrusted to the Center by the Executive Board.

Note: The programs and plans drawn up by the Center shall be implemented after the approval of the Executive Board.

Structure of the AFG-NOC National Team’s Monitoring Center:

a) The Board of Management:

      This Board shall be composed of a chairman, deputy chairman (2), a secretary and a treasurer;

b) The Center’s Committees; There shall be six committees namely:

- Planning and Budgeting Committee

- Scientific Committee

- Medical Committee

- Psychology Committee

- Cultural Committee

- Physical Abilities Assessment and Measurement Committee

c) The Technical Analysis and Evaluation Council:

This Council shall function as liaison between the Executive Board and the Center’s bodies and is responsible for ensuring the good quality of the Center's services and also for monitoring the smooth workflow of the Center.

Note 1:

The members of the Center’s Board of Management and other officials and members having positions at different levels within the Center, shall be appointed by the Executive Board. The heads of committees shall be appointed at the proposal of the Center's chairman and members of the committees shall be appointed as proposed by the heads of the respective committees.

Note 2:

The letters of appointment for the members of the Board of Management, heads of committees and the head of the Technical Analysis and Evaluation Council shall be signed by the President while the appointment letters for other members shall be signed by the Secretary General.

Note 3:

The Technical Analysis and Evaluation Council shall be composed of a head and three to five member and all committees functioning under the umbrella of the Center shall have a head and two to 4 member. The number of members for both bodies shall be determined at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Note 4: As of necessity, the Executive Board may decide to change the structure, composition and duties of the Center's committees, and shall notify all the concerned bodies of such changes for implementation. However, such changes shall have to be ratified by the Assembly in its first meeting