Scientific Committee

The AFG-NOC National Team’s Monitoring Center

Main Duties of Scientific Committee:

a) To prepare and control the performance timeline forms of national teams (their trainings and competitions, etc.);

b) To examine the technical (operational) programs of national federations and ensure that such operations correspond with up-todate sport sciences;


c) To provide, at the request of national federations, technical advice with regard to developing national teams’ programs and present appropriate solutions to propounded matters;

d) To organize educational workshops and programs with the aim of updating the knowledge of the technical personnel and managers of national teams.

The National Team’s Monitoring Center

The six committees

Note: The six committees shall be responsible for controlling the approved programs being implemented by national federations and evaluate their performance on periodical basis. The committees shall also present regular monthly reports to the Center which shall subsequently be submitted to the Executive Board after being carefully studied, combined and edited.

After termination of every international sport event in which the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has participated, particularly after the Olympic and Asian Games, the National Teams’ Monitoring Center, in cooperation with the chef de mission, shall draw up a comprehensive report on the quality of the Games’ affairs and on how the affairs were accomplished during the Games. The report which is to be presented to the Executive Board, shall also contain the performance quality of athletes, coaches and managers of sports teams in each discipline