Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games

The Asian Martial Arts Games was a multi-sport event developed by the OCA to create the opportunity for athletes to compete in various disciplines of martial arts. It is a new concept as the Olympics and other Games do not recognise the increasingly popular variations which are practiced around the world. The first ever Asian Martial Arts Games were hosted by Bangkok, Thailand on the 25th April until the 3rd May 2009

The Asian Indoor Games took place in 2005 (Bangkok, Thailand), 2007 (Macau, China) and 2009 (Hanoi, Vietnam), while the Asian Martial Arts Games was held for the only time in 2009 (Bangkok, Thailand) before the OCA decided to combine the two Games for 2013.

Providing a large-scale regional competitive arena for a wide range of categories such as Muay Thai, dance sport, billiards, futsal and electronic gaming over 100 events, this edition will serve as a high-profile test event for the 17th Asian Games in Incheon the following year.

· Incheon 2013

· Ashgabat 2017