First National Conference on Women & Sport


First National Conference on Women & Sport


The first National Conference on Women and Sport held 3-4 June, 2015 in the InterContinental Hotel-Kabul, Afghanistan at the initiative of National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan.

This Conference was held to better coordinate Afghan women with Sport and their role in the growth, development and communal of women sport in the country.

The 250 Women participants were representatives of provinces, members of parliament, AFG-NFs, sports associations, social organizations and civil activists.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and after that audience stand up to respect the national anthem.

According to the agenda, Mr. Mohammad Fahim Hashimy, President of the National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, welcomed the distinguished guests and women athletes, and said; Afghan women proved that “they are not back warded than any other country in the field of sports. He added that; women showed that, in spite of having fewer facilities, adverse conditions and insecurity, they can create pride and raise the flag of Afghanistan in sports fields of the world.

The President of Afghanistan's National Olympic Committee said, “I am sure that we will have a good conclusion of the conference and I hope that our Afghan women athletes shoulder to shoulder with Afghan Men athlete bring prides from international tournaments to Afghanistan.

Acting Chief of Physical Education and Sport Directorate of Afghanistan said, there are 1330 women athletes in the 24 NFs and the 853 of them are having the membership of National Teams. He added that, since, 2002 to date, the Afghan women athletes have brought 182 medals form National and international competitions to the country and said that, Afghan women have raised the flag of our country in the Olympics of 2004 in Athens, 2008 of Beijing and 2012 of Landon. 

Dr. Enayatullah Babor Farahmand the head of Sports, Health and youth Commission of Parliament house, said, sport is more important to women compared to men and promised to help and send some female coaches abroad to get professional trainings and return back to the country to serve other women athletes.

Some other speakers who delivered speeches at the opening of the conference were full of hope and optimism and everybody was expecting a bright future for sportswomen in Afghanistan.

After lunch break of the first day, the participants were divided into ten groups of working people, each of which had one important discussion topic for which each working group had to discuss of problems, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and propose some suggestions by which AFG-NOC may find its way out to support sportswomen in the future.

The second day of the conference began with discussions of the groups and exchange of ideas on the topics that were given to each Group to discuss, at the end of the day all groups submitted their ideas in the form of a proposal to the Olympic Committee and after that each group recommended two representatives from among themselves for establishment of AFG-NOC Women & Sport Commission.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Fahim Hashimy, President of the Afghan National Olympic Committee appreciated the efforts of participants and said that, chair of the AFG-NOC Woman and Sport Commission will be selected in accordance with the Statute of the Afghan National Olympic Committee, and the ceremony was ended with distribution of  awards and certificates to the organizer of the conference and female participants of the conference.