Veterans Sports of Executive board of Commission was Build.

Veterans Sports of Executive board of Commission was Build.



For the first time the country's National Olympic Committee to develop and promote sports in the country and encourage Veterans sports that create the board. In the few days, they will determine and incorporated name of all board of Veterans sports pioneers and their scope of work in Kabul.

Mahmoud Hanif the head of Afghanistan's National Olympic Committee says,  Afghanistan Veteran Sports in past years have not had any type of allowance and this is the first time that efforts are being given the National Olympic Committee has been several years.

Our plan is that we will merge Veterans within the federation because their experience toward the young sportsman is better than those sportsman who started sport newly.

Khawaja Muhammad Islam Taj one veteran sports in Kabul said, Former athletes in the event of cross-border had good results for Afghanistan, but today was hard sport athletes involved in disputes between officials and results of the national team have distressed in several years.

Salah-Uddin the Veteran sports in Kabul said, that there is no attention from Government side and we need the Government attention in the field of sports.