Pentathlon Commissions was Established

Pentathlon Commissions was Established!

The Commission today was established by the federation pentathlon country to encourage young people to exercise and continue to expand in the field of sports.

Master Sport Mr. Khushal Serwari the Pentathlon Federation the purpose of this Commission to develop youth sport in Afghanistan. Mr.Sarwari said, Pentathlon Federation is different from other federations in the framework of the Commission in the field of sport

Mahmoud Hanif, head of the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee said, the Commission will continue to encourage young people to exercise and create harmony among the youth. And those youth who serves as voluntary members of the Commission expressed its gratitude.

Legislative Affairs Commission Chairman Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Dost the pentathlon federation says, The 18 Commission is composed of 208 members and work to improve the sport Reza fee and commission always will defend the rights of young people.

Cultural Education and Higher Education Commission Chairman Mr. Abdul Andrabi said, that every citizen of this country can progress the sport Afghanistan and should focus primarily on the development of sport among young people more work to be done.

It is worth mentioning while Pentathlon sports were established the Commission The Afghan National Olympic Committee has refused to recognize the Commission in the framework of the Committee.