Meeting on creating eighteen Commissions in the women's Pentathlon Federation

Meeting on creating eighteen Commissions in the women's Pentathlon Federation 

Meeting was held on creating eighteen  commissions in the women's Pentathlon Federation 

This meeting today to form a commission of eighteen  commissions was held  that has another week to introduce co-chair of the commission will be taken.

Eighteen commissions in the women's Pentathlon Federation are as follows.


1.       Committee on international affairs

2.       The Commission internal affairs(Strengthen border security)

3.       Defense Affairs Commission

4.       Basic calculations of banks' financial commission

5.       Petitions and Complaints Commission

6.       Legislative Affairs Commission

7.       Commission on Women's Affairs, Civil Society and Human Rights

8.       Commission administrative reform and Justice , the fight against corruption Justice

9.       National Economy Commission of non-governmental organizations, Rural Development and Agriculture

10.   Narcotics intoxicants and moral corruption Commission

11.   Communications Telecommunication Commission of Urban Development and Housing producer of electric utilities and municipal affairs

12.   Higher Education Commission and Religious Affairs Cultural Education

13.   Committee on Health Education Labor and workers and youth

14.   Commission martyrs and disabled, disabled widows

15.   Kuchi tribes Commission and  Refugees and displaced people

16.   Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment

17.   Commission legal immunity and privileges of members of the federation pentathlon

18.   Central Control Commission and monitor the implementation of the law


It is worth mentioning that each commission  five-member made,  that  the  total of eighteen commissions Women's Pentathlon Federation of  country  formed of 108 Lady.