Mrs. Kmya Yousefi Proved that sports is growing in Afghanistan

Mrs. Kmya Yousefi  Proved that sports is growing in Afghanistan

Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil continued last night at the Club and held in the 100 meters, that mrs  Kmya Yousefi this matter with the passing of the 14, 2  hundredths of a second completed but failed to achieve a better result from this race.

Mrs Yousefi after his Competition wrote on his Facebook page.

Greetings to all the brave people of Afghanistan I am Kmya  yousoffi  the Rio Olympic competition on behalf of Afghanistan, but I could not get a better result from the tournament.

My competitors were in better condition and had more training facilities by the time I entered the competition, Pistol sounded and we all start running together from the back line, but I could not overtake my competitors.

Mrs Yousefi about Rio Olympics difference this year compared to last year's tournament with all the difficulties and problems that I had a record three years.

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