Veteran sports executive board was formed.

Veteran sports executive board was formed.

Nineteen people of Afghanistan veteran sports by the International Olympic Committee as veteran sports executive board members were introduced. The Commission veteran sports executive board is composed of 16 men and 16 ladies will be their first meeting on Saturday to maintain relations with all the federations under the auspices of the Afghan National Olympic Committee.

Mahmoud Hanif, head of the National Olympic Committee says veteran sports have been able to  Afghanistan’sexercise in the world to introduce good. And nineteen veterans exercise within the framework of the National Olympic Committee Just to integrate veterans are active within the federation.

Mr. Hanif hopes that the country's veteran sports executive board to former culture and traditions there in the sport of Afghanistan live up.

Mr. Salahuddin Seddiqi, one of the veteran the field of boxing, which for 47 years worked in this fied is The Afghan National Olympic Committee want to  particular attention the people who have served in Afghanistan have sports.

Appointed Executive Board veteran sports is based on federations the Olympic Games , on the elections in a few days for the selection of the chairman and members was be held.