Mountaineering team heading to World Championships.

Mountaineering team heading to World Championships. 

A three-member Mountaineering team  of Afghanistan The walls of ice to get through the laws are more familiaran heading to World Championships in Iran.

The team today for the first time since the creation of the Afghanistan Mountaineering Federation of Mountaineering in ice climbing competition was heading The tournament will be held in Ardebil province of Iran.

Afghanistan three climbing teams before the start of the tournament in a workshop  this  field will be held in the form of practical and theoretical, participate. the global competition  Mountaineering and ice climbing  in 48 countries, including Afghanistan, will be active. Workshop mountaineering and ice climbing before the start of the tournament will be held on August 23 after the end of the tournament between athletes participating nations will be officially started.

Mahmoud Hanif, Supervisor of the Afghan National Olympic Committee said the aim of the organizing the conference before the start of the tournament more intelligent athletes are climbing rules.

Mess.Sediqa Noristani  the head od Mountaineering Federation

S. Nuristani, the Mountaineering Federation saysit is  the first time that we participate the  competition climbing and ice climbing on the outside of Afghanistan.

It is noteworthy that Afghanistan Mountaineering Federation also memorandum of cooperation with neighboring countries for helding  their competition  to better prepare  in the global competition and the Asian had to be signed.