Rugby tournament has begun because of 28 Assad

Rugby tournament has begun because of 28 Assad

Rugby tournament on the occasion of the anniversary of extradition and independence of Afghanistan began August 28 and will continue for four days.

The competition in four groups of four teams each among the teams selected to host the capital Kabul and the provinces began.


On the first day of the tournament was held four meetings in the first match against cable Khorasan Linus was the second visit to Kabul United and Khorasan went to battle in the third and fourth games participants were arrayed against each other.

Mr. Harith Rakhmon President of Rugby Federation said that the tournament has been held to a high level at the end of the faces will be selected to the national team.

Mr. Javed Rahman National Rugby Team Coaches Federation wants from Afghan government the standard rugby ground for the preparation of their athletes that the National team athletes are better prepared to participate in overseas competitions.

At the opening ceremony of the tournament Jan Alam Hassani senior adviser to the Afghan National Olympic Committee of Vvrzshkaran attended along with a number of Rvysayy Federation.