The Closing Ceremony of Afghanistan Golf Federation

The Closing Ceremony of Afghanistan Golf Federation.

On the Occasion of 28 Assad the women national team and youth golf team the tournament was held last Friday. On behalf of The President of Afghanistan Golf Federation Mr. Mustafa Mastoor and the National Olympic Committee this morning the championship was awarded.

In the youth category golf tournament Mr. Heshmatullah Sarwari was won . Mr. Hamidullah Hasan Zada were second, and Mr. Ali Ahmad Fazel third place were the tournament.

In the Teenagers category Mr MAsoud Sarwari  prime importance, Mr. Zabihullah Sarwari second, and Mr. Nematullah Sarwari was the third place.

In the women category Miss. Laila Sajjadi  was the first, Miss Freshta Ahmadzai in second, Miss Malalai and Miss Maria Auiby were third and fourth respectively.