Mountaineering Federation Honored by the NOC

Mountaineering Federation Honored by the National Olympic Committee.

Miss.Sediqa Nuristani, the Afghanistan Mountaineering Federation Head with honor this sport that a few days before the World Cup mountaineering, After the conquest of Castle Mountain 4811 meters were returned from Iran to Kabul this morning at the meeting were praised by the National Olympic Committee.

At the meeting Mr.Mahmoud Hanif, Supervisior of the National Olympic Committee athletes consequenceMountaineering Federation is a positive step in the development of sport in Afghanistan.

Miss.Sediqa Noristani Chairman of the Afghanistan Mountaineering Federation said: It is very good that we were able to conquer Castle Mountain in the World Championship, However that Afghanistan has long castle, But this tournament was good experience for us because we will be more prepared in international competitions.


 Mountaineering Federation after the establishment of the Federation in the framework of other sports in the country for the first time that participated in the World Championships and  could be achieved considerable.