Olympic Solidarity

Olympic Solidarity provides support to the NOCs in order to help them fulfil their mission and responsibility towards the Olympic Movement, the mission of Olympic Solidarity is “to organise assistance to NOCs, in particular those which have the greatest need of it. This assistance takes the form of programmes elaborated jointly by the IOC and the NOCs, with the technical assistance of the IFs, if necessary.”

The objectives of these programmes are to help promote the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Movement. This is achieved through providing support for athlete preparation, improving the technical level of coaches, strengthening NOCs’ administrative structures and helping them to promote the Olympic values.

Numerous athletes have benefited from Olympic Solidarity’s programmes to prepare and qualify for the Olympic Games , The Olympic Solidarity Commission was created to accomplish the tasks entrusted to it under the Olympic Charter ,Since 2001, Olympic Solidarity has been offering NOCs two types of programmes at world and continental levels. Assistance is also provided in the form of Olympic Games Subsidies

§  World Programmes

o    For 2013-2016, the 17 World Programmes managed for NOCs by the Olympic Solidarity  ,fall within four main areas of sport development:

o    Athletes

o    Coaches

o    NOC management

o    Promotion of Olympic values

§  Continental Programmes

§  Olympic Games Subsidies

§  A global partnership