WADA has published a number of resources to help athletes and stakeholders understand the dangers and consequences of doping, as well as their responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Code.

Athletes can benefit from the published versions of the Prohibited List, Athlete Guide, Dangers of Doping Leaflet and the new At-a-Glance series of information focusing on anti-doping, testing, TUEs, and whereabouts.

WADA publishes two to three issues of its flagship Play True Magazine a year, providing readers with in-depth analysis of topics relating to the fight against doping in sport. The Agency also provides a detailed account of its activities through the publication of its Annual Report.

» At-a-Glance Series

» Athlete Guide

» Choose Your Own Adventure

» Dangers of Doping Leaflet

» Play True Magazine

» Prohibited List

» The Code

» Corporate Press Kit

» Forms for Doping Control

» Videos

» Questions & Answers

» Anti-Doping Glossary

» Model Rules, Guidelines and Protocols

» Outreach Model

» Code Compliance Assessment Survey

» Testing Figures

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